Spirit of Christ

(Read Romans 8:6-11)

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Losing control is a scary thing. Suddenly losing ability to move our arms or legs, if the brakes were to go out on our vehicle, or watching a friend or parent slowly lose control of their minds from a brain attacking disease are the kinds of thoughts that strike fear and deep emotion within us.

Yet we fool ourselves every day that we are actually in control. We aren’t. So many things are beyond our ability to influence, we are tempted to throw up our hands and give up.

In our souls, we are also controlled. We will be controlled by our flesh or humanism, which is always hostile toward God (Romans 8:7), or we will be controlled by the Spirit.

Now, we do have control over one thing in this: we choose which will control us. If we choose to focus on ourselves, the circumstances of the world, or what gives us temporary emotional relief, we move toward our own self-centeredness. This humanism leads to self-sabotage that results in dissatisfaction, shame, and godlessness that dishonors our Creator. It is a death bringer.

If we choose the path of humility and focus on Christ instead, we experience the fullness of the Spirit and Christ in us. This is a life giver. The Spirit was given to us when we chose to receive Christ and began following him; we have this same power that resurrected Christ within us.

We do not have to obey the loud, but lying pull of our fleshly tendencies. We are controlled, rather, by the Spirit. When the Spirit controls our minds, regardless of the fear and chaos around us, we are led to life and peace. (Romans 8:6)

Be encouraged today!

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