Jesus Wept

(Read John 11:1-45)

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When I lived in Florida, we lived near the beach. Now some of you are thinking, why did you ever leave? Well, it’s a long story, but yes, I do miss it from time to time. The ocean is such a powerful force; its boisterous strength can be seen and heard while standing on its edge in the sand.

Those that frequent the waves know of an even more powerful force in the water. It is unseen but more deadly than the loud waters that rise and make themselves heard. It’s called the undertow or the rip current.

Hidden in the waters is an undercurrent so strong it pushes like a rushing river in a direction altogether different from the easily seen waves. (PSA and by the way, if you get caught in one, the lifeguards recommend a survival approach. Rather than fight it, relax and let it carry you down the shoreline. You’ll be further from your cabana, but you’ll be alive. Now you know, but that is beside my point here). 

It is easy to be fearful of what we see. Mary and Martha saw the death of their brother. How could they not see it for what it was? Bro was dead. Like, dead dead. Yet, Jesus knew he was and is the ultimate dealer of hope. The resurrection lies within his power, and he used it to show everyone that he could raise the dead. He IS the resurrection.

The waves may look ominous. The dangers, the pain, the discouragements, the problems may seem insurmountable. And they are loud, easy to see- like the waves, they roar. And yet, a greater power, a greater strength lies unseen. Jesus is there and, yes, he cares.

Jesus knew that he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead; yet, he cried with his friends. While what you experience and see is real and painful, Jesus walks and weeps with you.

Even though Jesus knows that the end of the story is no more night, tears, death and pain…there he is with you. And he is stronger than the roaring waves of crisis or discouragement you see. You can see his hope, his strength- and he is there whether you believe it or whether you don’t. But, believing is seeing.

Be encouraged today!

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