On My 33rd Spiritual Birthday (I dedicate the rest of my life to this…)

33 years ago on this little spot in Imboden, Arkansas, I turned from being king of my life and received God’s gift of salvation by making Jesus my Lord and Savior.

Today, one of my sons is off to another country to share this good news that we can know and be loved by God, personally. It is THE most important thing he, or anyone, can possibly do. Nothing matters more than eternity.

This life is very short, and earthly speaking you will be dead much longer than you will be alive. You are not prepared to live until you are prepared for the other side of death.

The world demands we live for whatever it thinks and believes, but only God’s Word stands forever. So live for the eternal things, and for and with the eternal One…even if it seems you stand alone. You don’t; He is always with you if you are His and you trust Him.

I dedicate the rest of my life to trusting Him, but even more, to sharing His message that people can be rescued from themselves and their bondage of sin, from hell itself, and that God will restore this decaying earth (including our decaying bodies) and make all things new for those who have surrendered to Him as Lord and Savior.

If you are not His, won’t you join our family? If you are His, won’t you join me in the mission to bring as many with us into eternity with us as we can before we go?

Let’s go give ’em Heaven!FB_IMG_1466706528092


Response to the June 12, 2016 Orlando Shooting

The true Christian response to this tragedy is heartbrokenness over eternal loss. I’m blown away by the secular assumption that somehow we Christ followers are relishing in this. Were this a church, some of the homosexual community may say we got what we deserve, but I know no true believer who has enjoyed the loss of life that has occurred over the weekend.

I mean, if the victims were at a gay bar, I assume most of the victims were not followers of Christ. They were victims of the Enemy long before that night. Perhaps some were there that are struggling with temptations they were giving into, but in general it is not a wild assumption to say most didn’t know or wish to know the Lord. And if one doesn’t want God in this life, He will not be forced to live with Him in the next.

Yes, that means they died and will go to hell and never, ever, ever, EVER have another opportunity to turn to Christ. Never, as in NE.VER!

For the believer, this is the most tragic of all circumstances. It is worse than a church shooting; by far worse than any missionary martyrdom…for such souls have eternal life before them. No more tragic outcome could have happened in Orlando that night. Eternities were sealed.

Were I as godly as Paul and had Christ’s true heart for the lost, I would wish to take any one of their places simply to give one an opportunity to hear the gospel and be rescued from hell. I am not, in all honesty and may God forgive me, not quite there just yet.

The eternal lostness, and the delight of the Enemy to gather in so many to his mocking self so immediately- and by the hand of one of his- this is the ultimate tragedy. To then use it to blame God’s people for it all in our culture?  A vile, demonic bonus for the ancient disgusting serpent.

Mourning and brokenheartedness for families and loved ones, yes, but even more over such massive ETERNAL loss… this response of heart is the true Christ follower’s response.

Break our hearts for the lost, Lord.