God Can…Do I Believe God Will?

Scripture: Matthew 8

Observation: Jesus came healing, casting out demons, rescuing people. He was, and still is, in the seeking and saving business (John 10:10). It’s interesting that the one thing that separated the healed from others is they believed. This word translated believe is the word “faith:” they “faithed.”

The question was not “can Jesus?” The question was will you Jesus? “Because you faithed,’ Jesus said, ‘it has happened.

Application: How often have I believed Jesus “can,” but not that Jesus “will.” When I ask, I must as in faith and believe not merely that God is powerful enough to “do” in my life, but also loves me enough that He “will” in my life.

When requests are made unto God’s glory and not our own fleshly wants, I can boldly ask and know that He “will.”

Prayer: Jesus, you love me. I’ve always believed You can, now I believe that You will as I persevere in faith. My life…into Your capable hands.


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