Is God Holding Out on You?

Scripture: Matthew 7

Observation: If I keep persisting in prayer; I will receive. When I ask, I can know that God wants to give me good gifts. Keep pursuing, knocking, and the way I should step forward will show itself…the door will open.

Application: I ask, I receive. I ask and continue to do the unrighteous things of the world, then I should not expect to receive from the Lord (why would He give when it would cloud His glory to others rather than clearly reveal it?)

When I ask, God IS hearing and answering. Perhaps He is “holding out” because to give in the immediate circumstances would be less than the best gift. So, I keep asking-not with the attitude that God is withholding from me (as though God could be selfish), but rather trust that God is working out things for the very BEST gifts.

What seems even a disappointment is most likely God setting aside a lesser gift for a greater one.

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for not trusting Your goodness and your heart. I know You love me as a precious child. I ask for Your blessings and humbly receive them with gratitude….for Your glory.


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