Your Secret Admirer

Scripture: Matthew 6

Observation: “Don’t do your deeds publicly-to be admired by others.” When I have an eternal focus, my heart is bent toward pleasing God. When I have an earthly, temporary focus, my heart is bent toward pleasing other people. Do they admire me? Appreciate me? Affirm me? Like my status on Facebook? Retweet me? Even bother to read my blog after I put out the effort to pour my very heart out to the worldwide web!? lol

Me, me, me…My, my, my…mi, mi, mi, mi, mi (and I’m just getting warmed up!) This attitude is a setup for a first class pity party of mardi gras proportions.

Application: I need to ask myself, what is my motivation? Do I seek to do good things only to be noticed or even respected? These may be good things, but their reward (as gratifying as it may be) is experienced now…earthly.

God notices EVERYTHING, and my rewards are eternal when actions are done for Him and all for Him. If it’s noticed and mentioned, praise God. If my life is an obscurity, unnoticed by all but Him, GREAT is my reward-in heaven (where it really counts anyway).

Prayer: Lord, this life you’ve given I return to You…all of it. If any notice or admire anything done (which is all by gift from You to begin with), then may it all reflect back directly to You.


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