Live Like Heaven

Scripture: Matthew 5

Observation: In Jesus famous “Sermon on the Mountainside” he talks up how differently the natural man thinks vs. the Kingdom of Heaven. The humble, the dependent, the peaceful, the persecuted-all these are the weak of the world…they’ll be Darwined out of here. It’s survival of the fittest; you gotta swim with the sharks!

Not so in God’s thinking; these that are the suckers of the world are the honored in His Kingdom. And true reward is ahead for those who place righteousness, purity, no drama relationships, a committed marriage, and integrity of their word above pridefulness.

Application: “Have it your way” is a good slogan for ordering a cheeseburger, but insisting on it for all of life will lead to a self-destructive misery now and a massive loss of reward in the Kingdom of Heaven. I must remember that I’m a foreigner, even an ambassador, of heaven in this land and not permit the obsessions and pursuits and ways of doing business and relationships here affect me into going with their flow.

Prayer: Jesus, give me your mind to view all things as You do…and your heart to love all just as You do. 


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