Prepared for Eternity

Scripture: Matthew 4

Observation: Jesus headed to the desert for a time of focused prayer and fasting and the notorious Stinker showed up. Each of the Enemy’s temptations were focused on the here, the now, the temporal…shortcuts. There were shortcuts for physical needs, to power, to a following… Jesus’ values were on the eternal. Momentary needs: physical, emotional, even perceived spiritual needs are put in a totally different light when I live life knowing I am prepared in THIS life for eternity. Jesus knew eternal life, even from before the beginning…and he gave it freely. First, he offered this eternal life focused way of being to his first twelve disciples. There was no contract, no details of the future…just “follow me.”

Application: I am an eternal creation. Everything I do, I think needs to be examined in the light of eternal value, reward, preparation. That is where I will exist most…beyond THIS earthly life. There is a NEW earthly life (Revelation 21) ahead where I will live, work, and worship.

Prayer: Jesus, as you did on the cross, “for the joy that is ahead” of me I endure and persevere through the pain of this life. I live aware, alert to the reality that I have life with You forever beyond this test called life. 


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